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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Clinique 3 Step w/Scrub

Clinique 3 Step w/ 7 Day Scrub

Clinique 3 Step. I am #3 In Toner. Also I use Clinique 7 Day Scrub.


honey_to_the_bee said...

That’s a lot of hard work but it definitely pays off! Your skin looks amazing!!!
Your stunning, in side and out and such an inspiration to me. I love your videos! I’m so glad to see you have your own blog now, I’m too existed!!!!! Lol
have a great week T!

Nae said...

The 7 day scrub is great. I started back using my 3 step after I watched one of your tutorials. Thanks for the great tips. You have a beautiful and kind spirit. Keep on inspiring people.

Unknown said...

Awesome video.

Jmilz86 said...

I went to purchase this set n changed my mind, but you make me wanna go out n repurchase it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ateya,
I love my 3 step daily regimen. I also use cliniques even better skin tone corrector and neutrogena's visibly even daily mosturizer with SPF 30, which is an essential to prevent the possibility of sun damage, darkening of existing acne scars(spots), etc.

I admire your talent,specifically your ability to line and apply color to your lips, but I want you to consider thinking outside of the MAC box (I love MAC too) and begin exploring the wonderful world of Estee Lauder. You wont believe some of the treasures you'll find if you allow yourself to explore.

Take care and thanks for the tips.


Unknown said...

How come you negelct your neck? Your neck needs to be cleansed, toned, and moisterized as well. As you age you dont just want to have a pretty face you should want to have a smooth and wrinkle free d├ęcolletage. I love Clinique! I use the 3 step acne plan. I enjoy all your videos, and tuts! Keep up the good work! I'm loving that accent girl! :)

FashionIconDrea said...

Your tutorials are the best and you are a true inspriation. Ive been watching all your videos and you have shown me alot and i have learned alot. Keep the videos coming :)

Jmilz86 said...

I just wanted to update and tell you I went out and bought this set over the weekend. I got a gift set of the 3-step, with a travel size of each product included with it. I also go the scrub for free! I used it and instantly felt a difference in my skin! Also I tried a lipgloss from clinique and i must say, I am in love!

Unknown said...

Clinique mark is really great, i love it because my skin seem like a porcelain. I prefer to wear a good brand because i take care a lot my skin, that is very important to me specially when i go out with a boy.

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