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Thursday, April 16, 2009


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HAIR CLIPS 99centts any beauty supply store
Designer Touch Conditioning Gel (Sides of Hair)
Curler God N Hot Sally's Beauty Supply
Rubber Bands

I would just like to say I love the hair so much!
Everyone was right! Virgin Indian Hair is the way to go!
I have 2 Bags of Hair
$300 for 2 bags 14-16 inches of hair
Love the Customer Service. I know they are tired of me calling but when I call they are so kind and answer ALL my Questions.


More coming up...stay tuned!

Friday, April 3, 2009


As NARS turns fifteen this year, the brand’s commitment to creating products that defy convention remains unwavering. The NARS woman has never been content to fade into the background, and this summer is no exception.
“The look for the Summer 2009 collection is sophisticated, but colorful,” says Fran├žois Nars, Founder and Creative Director of NARS Cosmetics.
Whether your vision of perfect summer conjures up images of Morocco’s kaleidoscopic bazaars, the pristine Art Deco structures of Ocean Drive or the endless white sand beaches and cerulean waters of a Caribbean island, this season’s vivid yet versatile color palette is the perfect complement.
Below are the highlights:

NARS Tropic Single Eyeshadow- $22
For the latest eye shadow, there was only one blue Fran├žois Nars had in mind. “The tropics are always inspiring for me,” says Nars. This lush, silver-flecked teal is a precise image of the ocean’s reflective, rolling waves.

NARS Scorching Sun Duo Eyeshadow- $32
The glazed apricot and radiant orange duo, is designed “to imitate the effect of the burning sun,” according to Nars. The sun-drenched colors allow for surprising wearability. The pair can be blended together to form a rich, burnt orange, or worn in tandem.

NARS Irresistiblement Bronzing Powder- $30
Nothing evokes the feeling of summertime quite like bronzed skin. The newest shade, a rich golden terracotta, offers a flattering faux glow when dusted across the areas of the face where the actual sun would hit.

NARS Falbala Lipstick- $24
On the lips, this high-shine bronzy rose lipstick has a sweet, insouciant quality about it.

NARS Outsider Lipstick- $24
This is definitely not your grandmother’s coral. This deeper, glistening variety is a modern take on a time-honored classic.
NARS Belize Lip Gloss- $24
The pale pink mauve sprinkled with specks of gold simulates the color of a Central American sunset and gives nude lips a sultry boost.

NARS Tonga Lipliner Pencil- $20
A creamy, long-wearing lip pencil in a shade of pink amber plays dual roles. Use it traditionally, to outline lips and prevent lipstick from feathering; or color the entire lip with the moisture-rich pencil.

NARS Adelita Nail Polish- $16
This shimmering pearlescent shade of pink, is simultaneously sweet and saucy, the ideal embodiment of feminine strength.